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Lilayi Lodge has had the privilege of hosting over 35 Winemakers and Estate Owners from the South African wine region; which has made food and wine pairing experiences in our restaurant a regular occurrence. We are dedicated to ever enhancing our guests’ wine experience and through partnerships with Longridge Wine Estate (Stellenbosch, Western Cape) and Dalla Cia Wine (Stellenbosch, Western Cape): the hand selected Lilayi Wine ‘White Label’ Collection was created. The wines express the vibrant character of the Cape wine region and are paired with the fresh and creative experience of the Lilayi Chefs.

The Lilayi Wine Company was born out of a passion for wine and a desire to supply the best available. The ‘White Label’ range is made for easy drinking without the loss of quality and is enjoyed best at the ‘Home of Wine’ in Zambia; Lilayi Lodge. The Lilayi Farmhouse, depicted on the front label, has been the Miller family home in Lusaka since it was built in 1924. It has been the setting for many a Wine o’Clock and we join everyone, everywhere in raising a glass to Zambia. Cheers!

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"We join everyone, everywhere in raising a glass to Zambia. Cheers!"

-Chris Miller
Wine at Lilayi


Ranging from light Sauvignon Blanc and fruity Chenin Blanc to the deep, full flavours of the Bordeaux style blends; guests will be thrilled by Lilayi's extensive wine selection stored in our in-house wine cellar. We believe that the stemware and service of wine is as important as the wines themselves which is why we select only the best for our guests' experience. We have had the priviledge of hosting wine makers and estate owners from around the world in our restaurant which has made food and wine pairing experiences a regular at Lilayi Lodge. If you are a lover of fine wines then allow us to create your perfect dining experience right in the heart of Africa. At Lilayi Lodge we are dedicated to ever enhansing our guests wine experience. Should you wish to be informed of our upcoming food and wine pairing dinner functions where we will be hosting new wine estates and wine makers please subscribe to our newsletter by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.


"There comes a moment on a journey when something sweet, something irresistible and charming as wine raised to thirsty lips, wells up in the traveller's being."

- Patrick MacGill


The following estates were hosted by Lilayi Lodge and have made presentations to our guests.

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